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Experience the thrill of Scandinavian-style crosswords with Kryss, a unique mobile game that brings a modern twist to the newspaper pastime. You can now engage in stimulating word battles with others while training your vocabulary!

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What Kryss players say

  • It's very convenient having crosswords in my pocket. I enjoy the challenge. I don't have the time (or patience, lol!) any longer for New York Times or other newspaper puzzles.

  • Been playing for many years against my husband, but he's getting a little fed up because I'm always winning... We cozy up in the evenings with a cup of tea, and Kryss is a perfect way to unwind!

  • It's a fun game to keep your mind sharp! You learn words you never knew existed 😉 There is definitely a big variety of puzzles - I have played hundreds of games, and all of them have been unique.

    Play with friends and family!

    Challenge your friends, solve crosswords with other players, and see who has the greater word skills!
Our fun events and missions will always keep you on your toes and have you solving new puzzles, keeping your mind sharp! 

    With our chat function you can keep in touch with your favorite Aunt (and at the same time tease your best friend for being the slowest player in the universe!)

    Improve your vocabulary and relax your mind.

    Kryss serves as a mental workout, providing relaxation for the mind and vocabulary training within its engaging puzzles. Our app is accessible and enjoyable for all ages, making it more than just your average word game.

    We have skilled puzzle makers worldwide making new content every day, so every game of Kryss you play is designed to offer a new experience!

    Can you solve the words?

    Kryss provides a "Clue in the box" style of crosswords. When combined with turn-based gameplay, it can lead to thrilling moments as both players scramble to solve words! Meanwhile, our practice game mode allows you to kick back and enjoy the simple satisfaction of solving puzzles.

    With our user-friendly interface and engaging gameplay, the Kryss team is transforming crosswords from being a solitary pastime to an interactive and exciting word game!

    Solve crosswords anytime,

    Learn more

    How Kryss is played

    You receive five letters each turn, then strive to place the letters in the crossword within a minute. There are several ways of out-scoring your opponent, including significant bonuses for completing words, for getting key letters right or for using all your five letters within a round.

    Then again: it might just pay off to keep one of the crucial letters for later use – when the stakes are higher.

    Why "Clue in the Box" style of crosswords?

    Our innovative approach to crossword puzzles integrates the 'clue in the box' style, where clues are seamlessly incorporated within the puzzle itself rather than being listed separately.

    This unique solution allows us to display both the clues and words on a single phone screen, making our app more user-friendly and simplifying the puzzle-solving process.

    Old-school Scandinavian style

    Inspired by the classic crosswords found in Scandinavian newspapers and media, we embarked on a journey as word game enthusiasts to create Kryss.

    Our innovation took a leap forward when we experimented with turn-based gameplay and multiplayer. To our surprise, it felt fun and intense, and has led to Kryss as we know and love it today!

    Why Kryss is the best mobile word game for new language learners

    Kryss is not only fun, but educational. With our support for 11 languages (which we are constantly expanding), any language learner will be able to greatly improve their language skills.

    As you make progress in Kryss, you will come across increasingly unique word choices and clues, as well as colloquial words or phrases that are specific to the chosen languages. All words and clues are hand-picked by expert crossword makers from around the world!

    If you are ready to take your language-learning to the next level, you can always give our challenging expert mode a try!

    How to improve your vocabulary with Kryss

    As you play Kryss and progress, you will come across many unique words! You will embark on a journey of word discovery, as you solve sophisticated words, expressions, and acronyms while improving your lexicon.

    Many of our players report their vocabulary improving in everyday speech, similar to the benefits of reading books!

    It's no surprise that Kryss has become a go-to mobile app for individuals seeking to expand their vocabulary while enjoying a stimulating mental workout.

    The science behind how games like Kryss boost brain health

    There are various cognitive benefits to mobile word games, such as improved memory, attention, and overall brain health.

    Studies from the University of Alberta and Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital highlight how these interactive activities can enhance engagement and mood while boosting brain functions.

    Additionally, research by Sabha University highlights the effectiveness of word games in vocabulary growth for language learners.

    Embrace Kryss and the power of crosswords to stimulate mental health and facilitate language learning!

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